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Denny Mears, Archery Artisan Will Be Missed

The archery community has suffered a great loss.  I barely new Denny Mears. We were only fiends on Facebook, so it was surprising that his passing hit me so hard.  Denny was a bowyer and the owner, operator of Jerbowden Archery … Continue reading

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DIY .38 Blunt Arrow Tips

Originally posted on Field and Flood:
Tipping an arrow with a spent .38 cartridge is an old trick. It’s a cheap way to blunt your arrows for hunting small game. Some even put nails through the cartridge after it’s glued to the…

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Tuning cheat sheet

Originally posted on Charles' Archery Blog:
Do you have a hard time remembering tuning rules? I do. To help myself out I made a reference card that hangs on my quiver. It is helpful when I can’t remember if tightening…

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Removing glued in points from carbon arrows

Originally posted on Charles' Archery Blog:
I recently had to swap out glued in points from a set of carbon arrows. I was going from lighter points to heavier points to weaken the arrow spine. The arrows points were set in with hot…

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What bow is good for a beginner archer?

Originally posted on My Archery Experiences:
Selection of bows This is a question that most archery coaches are asked at some point by their students. What bow should I should get? Like all good answers it is both simple and…

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Showing off a Custom Celtic Ranger Quiver

In my first Facebook Live video I show off a Custom Celtic Ranger Back Quiver and I demonstrate the effects of a foam quiver bottom. Continue reading

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Traditional Archery Gear – Arm Guards

Source: Stick & String Adventures Podcast – Episode 28 – Archers Roundtable The Continuing Conversation between Nick Viau – Life & Longbows  Jason Albert – Rasher Quivers Ned Miller – Crows Head Archery Ned Miller – What about arm Guards?  Do … Continue reading

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