DIY .38 Blunt Arrow Tips

A very cool article from Field and Flood about making a blunt tipped arrow head from a .38 shell. I love making things on my own. This is one project that I am going to have to try.

Field and Flood

Tipping an arrow with a spent .38 cartridge is an old trick. It’s a cheap way to blunt your arrows for hunting small game. Some even put nails through the cartridge after it’s glued to the arrow to keep the arrow from burrowing when stump shooting.

Tools needed for tipping a blunt arrow with a .38 cartridge. Tools needed for tipping an arrow with a .38 cartridge: arrow shaft, lighter, hot glue, the cartridge, some pliers, and a cold one in your favorite koozie.

Not long ago I broke a judo off my stumping arrow and was lucky enough to capture it in slow-motion:

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