Traditional Archery Gear – Glove Vs. Tab


Source: Stick & String Adventures Podcast – Episode 28 – Archers Roundtable

The Continuing Conversation between

Ned Miller – Alright, let’s talk about some other equipment like accessories, gloves, arm guards, and those types of things.  Then I want to move into talking about quivers.  So let’s talk about accessories.  Are there things that you’ve tried and didn’t like?  Are there things that you’re stuck on that now you love?  And what’s the progression been or each of you?  Let’s start with Nick.

Nick Viau – I think your biggest most overlooked piece of gear is your glove or your finger tab.  I have gone back and forth between a glove and a tab forever.  When I first started, I shot with a tab.  Everybody said that it was the cleanest release. It’s light.  It’s nice and airy on your fingers when you shoot.  I got that thing into the woods just to go stumping with it and I was fumbling with that thing constantly.  I was like, “This is not going to work.”  I had a hard time hitting my anchor.  I got really long fingers and I had to pull hitting my anchor a little funny.  I didn’t like it so I immediately ditched it.

Then I got a Damascus Glove and I absolutely loved that.  I could find my anchor really, really well.  It was a really thin glove.  Then I moved to a thicker glove because I thought that I could shoot more and it hurt my fingers because I didn’t really have callouses yet. So, I moved to an Alaskan Bow Hunter Glove.  It was cordovan and it was way too thick. So I eventually got rid of that.  Then I moved to a tab again.  Then I moved back to a Damascus.

I actually have some hand injuries from football and I kept jamming my thumb. I wasn’t able to do a deep core anchor anymore so I changed my anchor. You know, I hated tabs so I didn’t have a way to do it.  Even though I never believed in spending fifty-dollars on a glove, I went with the American Leathers Glove. I’ve been there for the last four months and I absolutely love it.  I can tell you right now, I am never going to shoot anything else.  That’s it for me.  It’s nice to have and I wish that I would have found it sooner. I think that glove versus tab is really important.  You have to figure out what you’re going to do.  You have to get whatever that is out into an application situation.  You have to find out what works for you.

Ned Miller – Right.

Jason Albert – My big problem with the glove is that fact that I don’t have big monkey fingers like Nick does.

Nick Viau – And they’re crooked too.

Jason Albert – I’ve got snausage fingers.  So my thing is that with the gloves, they never fit right.  So, after every single shot I have to tap my finger tips against my chest just to put that glove back on there so it’s tight.

Nick Viau – No wonder you’re not seeing any deer, Jason

Jason Albert – I know, Right?  I’m out there beating my chest.  That’s wrong.

Ok, moving on. So, I never thought like I was getting that glove on the same way twice because of my little snausage fingers. So, I went to a tab.  I went to a few tabs.  I tried the bear fur, I tried the standard leather tabs, but now I’m shooting the Fred Eichler Signature Series Cordovan Tab.  I absolutely love it.  I can’t say that I will ever change again.

Ned Miller – Oh my goodness.  Honestly, I had no idea that each of you took a different route on that.  I was just interested to see the progression that you take because I know people go through a lot of different choices.  That’s really interesting.  I’m glad that it ended up that way.  We got a glove user and a tab user.  That’s great.  Thanks for sharing that guys, because I know a lot of people struggle with that.  It’s almost, like you said Nick, it’s just something that gets swept under the rug and you don’t think about it.

Here’s one of those things too.  A lot of times when you go into a bow shop, a modern bow shop, sometimes they don’t have the tabs.  A lot of times they’ll have one glove or maybe two.  A lot of times, they don’t even have a tab for a selection. So you don’t even know what your options are a lot of the time.

I guess that I will give my perspective real quick.  I use a glove.  I haven’t even tried a tab.  I’ve just always used a glove and haven’t had many other experiences with it.




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