A Business, A Deadline, & The Mailman


It is December 19th, 2016.  If the mail doesn’t go out today, it won’t be there by the 25th.  I have 1 package to go out that contains a father & son’s matching arm guards.  They were meant to be Christmas Gifts.

I get ready to take them to the post office before the deadline only to find out that I have a flat tire, no donut, my car is plowed in, the mailman has already come and gone, and my son has the shovel in his car to dig himself out after work.  I called everyone that I knew for a ride to the post office, but there was no way possible to get it there before the deadline.

So, I decided to walk.  It is 2 miles to the Post Office and it is 9 degrees outside.  I bundle up and headed out for the walk with my wife’s concerning voice stating out impossible options behind me.  I head out the door and started walking as if I was on a mission.  I went 10 blocks when I saw a Mailman bundled up delivering the mail.  He was glad to take my package and I was so glad to not have to walk the 2 miles to the post office and back.

For me today.  That mailman was a blessing.  At Rasher Quivers we do our very best to meet the deadlines needed, but none of that would be possible without God and, in this case, the mailman who is out there all day in this cold weather just doing his job.


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Owner/Operator of Rasher Quivers www.RasherQuivers.com
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