A Quiver For Every Occasion – Hunting, Competition, & Practice


Your Quiver is a main component in your archery gear.  It is also one of the most visible pieces of equipment that you’ll wear.  Not all quivers are created equally.  Your quiver can say a little or a lot about who you are.  That’s why Rasher Quivers offers a wide variety of custom quivers that can be personalized to fit your personality and style.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a quiver. Draw Movement, Noise Level, Maneuverability, Depth, Arrow Capacity, Arrowhead Style, Weight, Extra Storage Capacity…  This list goes on and on.  The good news is that you don’t need a single quiver to do it all.  Rasher Quivers provides a wide variety of models and styles to fit your quiver needs for every occasion.  There is a purpose for every quiver and for every quiver a purpose.


bandit-action-back-1Back Quivers

For hunting we offer a variety of back quivers.  Back Quivers have been tested and proven by hunters like Howard Hill, Ron Laclair, and Byron Ferguson just to name a few.  They offer the wide lip and bottom to accommodate many different styles of arrowheads from field points and trade points to blunt heads and broadheads.  With a custom Rasher Quiver you can order a custom quiver depth to accommodate your arrow length.  With a foam bottom the noise level can be greatly reduced.  For mobility purposes, many roll the back quiver under their arms when traversing through heavy brush.

The Ravine QuiverSling Quivers

If you prefer minimal draw movement, you may want to consider a sling quiver. A sling quiver is strapped over the shoulder, but carried at the side or hip.   The draw style of a sling quiver keeps your arrows right where you need them.  Again, for mobility purposes you can carry the sling quiver under your arm.  They have an open lip and wide bottom to accommodate almost any style of arrow-head.


If you have ever been standing on a line of archers at a competition shoot then you know that it’s not the best place to draw from a back quiver.  it is possible, and it can be done, but those shooting lines can get pretty tight at times.  For this reason, I choose a side quiver, either a field quiver or a hip quiver.

slingerii_wolfField Quiver

A field quiver is a side quiver that has the arrow shafts leaning behind you.  This type of side quiver has been used by Olympic archers like Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski, Ki Bobae, Im Dong-Hyun , Khatuna Lorig, and more.


cs-3tournamentquiver_anttan-1Hip Quiver

A hip quiver has the shafts leaning or laying in front of you. Competition archers of all styles have used a hip quiver.  Ann Webber-Hoyt, Deepika Kumari, Aida Roman and so many more.



The Rasher Pocket Quiver

Pocket Quiver

Sometimes you just want to get out there and shoot.  You don’t need all of your equipment for that.  Just grab a pocket quiver and go.

The Pocket Quiver is THE must have archery accessory for the archer who has limited time to practice. Get out and start shooting right away. A Pocket Quiver is meant to prevent your field points from puncturing the fabric of your pockets.  The Pocket Lip prevents the quiver from falling deeper into the pocket so the quiver stays easily accessible.  You can also wear a pocket quiver as a hip quiver on your belt.

Rasher Quivers has a quiver for every occasion. Start your collection today by visiting http://www.RasherQuivers.com.


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