Dante Wray – The Bow Bandit & The Tree

The following is a hunting story told by Dante Wray. I enjoyed the story so much that I asked permission to share it on my blog.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

dantewray_bowbandit1720 – The Bow Bandit Had a NNE wind at 8-13 mph.  I new I had to have them “in front of me” so I wouldn’t be winded.  I skirted the edge of the area where they would walk through.  I set up with the trail in front of me.  The wind was in my face and my back was to the thick briers and a drop off.

As I was finishing removing some small debris around my feet, I caught her movement so I tried to move as so she wouldn’t spot me.  But Nooo ! I had to rush it and she spotted my movement but not me.  She stomped, head bobbed, and stuck her nose up in the air trying to get a Dante’ scent molecule.  But she was too young and my set up was too good!  She eventually settled down, but walked further away from me. Something got her attention, so I stood still.

 As she walked broad side at approximately 28 steps; I released a rookie arrow … No anchor point.  No picked spot. She’s alive . But there is a tree that’s hurting along with my ego.  Lesson number thirty thousand!

Fortunately that was a very good lesson , but no hoorahs until your dues are paid.


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