Traditional Archery Gear – Primitive Or Modern

Source: Stick & String Adventures Podcast – Episode 27 – Archers Roundtable

The Continuing Conversation between

ranger_bowJason Albert – The best decision I made when I did start out was starting with a U-Finish Bow.  I liked the fact that I was invested into my equipment.  I made my equipment.  It gave me a connection to it.  And like you said, if you are over-bowed, you can always sand it down and take some of the weight off of it.

Nick Viau – I am going to play a little bit of devils advocate with you there, Jason.  I can only do it because this is the way I started, but I’m a big proponent of starting out a little more modern and working back towards the primitive is a kind of nice way to do it.  And the reason being is because you consider the modern bow hunting world, the modern compound bow.  You’re always going for the technologically better.  I mean, if there is something there that is better and will help you in the field, you’re going to go after it.

Traditional archers; a lot of them work backwards.   I started out with carbons and a recurve.  I love the fact that I started out with carbons and a recurve.  That helped with the consistency with the arrows.  The durability with my arrows, when I didn’t have a lot of money, it was perfect.  I mean, I could bounce those things off of everything.  They wouldn’t break. I went for the first month without breaking a single arrow. Had I started with wood, I probably would have broken quite a few.  I know that I would have broken a lot of aluminum.

And if I would have started with a self bow…  This is from my experience as of recently just shooting s self bow that I finished.  I absolutely agree that it makes you a better archer.  But when you’re starting there is so much that you have to worry about with your form, and getting your form down, and getting it to become a habit that it’s nice to have some things are consistent.  If you know that you have a good tuned bow and it feels good in your hand.

Recurves in general you have a little more mass, it feels a little smoother, you have a flatter trajectory.  And then with your carbons or whatever you’re shooting, you know that they’re consistent from arrow to arrow.  That really helped me.

Now the investment…  I cannot deny the investment. Like you were saying, if you’re invested in your equipment and you learn all that early and you’re on it, then you’re pretty much almost there. There’s not really much further you need to go.  You could side step to a recurve or a longbow, but then you’re kinda moving in a different direction.  I don’t know.  That’s an interesting point.  I never really thought about it like that.

Jason Albert – And my thing is that…  The price.  If you can get a modern bow, a modern traditional styled bow for less than a hundred bucks, then perfect.  I would go that way the whole time.  But for the price, just starting out, not knowing what your body can take…  That U-Finish bow is less than a hundred bucks and you’ve got yourself a nice decent shooting bow there. You’re ready to go.

“I think that’s probably the nicest part about traditional archery is that this is a complete journey.”

Ned Miller- I think this touches on one of the essential parts, at least for me, for what traditional archery is.  There is no one route to take.  I’ve seen this in all different avenues.  The arrows, the bows, the quivers, everything, but I think that’s the greatest part of traditional archery.  If you’re that type of person that prefers to build it and you think that’s the way to go, then there’s something for you.  If you want to start out with that bow that’s finished, ready to go, high performance, there’s that route to go too.  I think that’s probably the nicest part about traditional archery is that this is a complete journey.  It just depends which direction you want to go.



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