Pacific Archery & The Little Arrow

I was reading a blog post from Life & Longbows called, “Three Arrows.”  Nick was telling a story about his Harvest Arrows and asked if anyone else had any arrow stories to share.  This is my reply to his Blog Post.

When I was living in Las Vegas, I loved to hang out at the Pacific Archery Shop.  I met some of the best people I will ever know in that shop.  As most of you know, when you get a bunch of archer’s together the jokes and sarcasm are never ending.  That was true in the case of the Little Arrow.

It is no secret that I am not a tall man.  My draw length is only 25 inches.  Because of this, the short jokes are never ending.  Gabby Reyes was particularly ambitious with his Hobbit jokes.  They were never ending.

little_arrow-1One day Gabe Bozarth, the shop owner, put a field point on one of Gabby’s broken arrows.  They wrote some kind words on the arrow. Then laid it across the horns of an elk that was mounted in the archery shop as if it was the arrow that had taken the beast.  When I walked into the Pacific Archery Shop  they were all waiting for me with the arrow for my arsenal.  The arrows read:

  • The J. Albert Special
  • AKA “Das Midget”
  • AKA “The Hobbit”

They really know how to make a guy feel good about himself.

I live in Wisconsin now, but the Little Arrow still lays across the elk antlers in the Pacific Archery Shop.  The J. Albert Special.


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