Rasher’s Midwestern Quiver – Special


Sometimes at Rasher Quivers, we just want to do something elaborate & special.  This is one of those times.  This Midwestern Back Quiver was 23 hours in the making. It features a hand-tooled Northwestern design with colorful antique staining and a leather lace-braided lip.




  • Leather Braided Lip
  • Oval Frame For Comfort
  • Custom Hand-Tooled Frame
  • Colorful Antique Staining
  • Dual Layered Leather Bottom





  • Frame Color: Custom
  • Lip: Custom Lace Braided
  • Lace Color: Tan
  • Arrow Capacity: 16 arrows
  • Quiver Depth: 22 Inches
  • Material: 6 Ounce Leather
  • Shoulder Strap: 1 inch Standard
  • Dexterity: For the Right Handed Shooter

About rasherquivers

Owner/Operator of Rasher Quivers www.RasherQuivers.com
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