The Back Quiver Side Strap

Installing the Deluxe Side Strap

Quiver Side Strap in the Tan color optionThe Back Quiver Side Strap is the perfect accessory to almost any traditional shoulder strapped back quiver.  It’s easy to attach and comfortable to wear.  This Strap secures your quiver, restricting it’s mobility, while making it easier to draw your arrows and move about.  The Quiver Side Strap is a must have for any serious traditional archer.

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Attaching The Back Quiver Side Strap to your back quiver is very easy.  Just follow the instructions below:


  1. Separate the Long 1-inch strap from the buckle of the Small 1-inch strap.
  2. Tie the lace of the 1-inch Long strap to one of the holes on the strap of your quiver. Adjust to different holes until it feels comfortable.  It may be necessary to punch an extra hole in your quiver strap.
  3. Tie the lace of the 1-inch Short strap to the strap brace on the bottom strap of your quiver.
  4. Attach the two straps using the buckle. Adjust to fit

NOTE: The Snaps on the strap may be used to install The Back Quiver Side Strap if loops are available to attach to.


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