The Custom Embracer Arm Guard

With Rasher Quivers you can customize your archery arm guard as a gift or as an heirloom to pass down for generations.  Show off your personality with a Custom Embracer Arm Guard from Rasher QuiversPersonalize your archery equipment just for you, or create a unique gift for someone special.

The Embracer is a universal fit arm guard which means that it will fit both right and left handed shooters.  It features an easy-on, easy-off application so that you can spend more time shooting and less time putting on your equipment.  Each cord crosses behind your arm and connects to the buttons on the side of the arm guard.  The Embracer features an easy adjustment of the cord lengths, this allows it to be worn bare arm or with a shirt or Jacket.  Unlike our bracer style arm guards, the Embracer can be moved up and down the arm for optimal placement to prevent string slap and chaffing.  

The Embracer Arm Guard measures 6.5 inches long and is made from thick genuine leather so that it offers superior protection.  The Metal Buttons add to the durability of this awesome arm guard providing a worry free experience.

As a Custom Arm Guard, the Embracer has several options available:

Ambidextri: This is where you choose which hand you will wear the Embracer Arm Guard, on the right handed or on the left.  This option is important for tooling preferences. We wouldn’t want an object facing the wrong direction

Sizing:  The Embracer Arm Guard is offered in two sizes, Large and Small. The Large fits forearms 9.5 inches and up.  (Measured 4 inches from wrist)  The Small Fits forearms 7.25 inches and up.  (Measured 4 inches from wrist)

Color options: We have several color options available for the Embracer Arm Guard.  Just make your selection from the drop down menu.  Two-tone options are available.  Just describe your needs in the “Describe your Tooling” area.

Custom Tooling: Custom tooling is available for an additional fee.  This covers the whole arm guard  Be creative, but remember that surface area is limited to the size of the leather.  Check out our Arm Guard Gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Describe Your Tooling:  This is not so much an option, but a way for you to tell us about your tooling preferences.  Don’t forget to include color, placement, and other special information needed to complete your tooling preferences.

Image:  Uploading a specific image that you desire to be tooled is very helpful in Rasher Quivers attempt to create exactly what you are looking for.

Lets Not forget that this is a “CUSTOM” Embracer Arm Guard.  This means that this item is NOT in stock and that crafting times apply.




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