The truth about tuning your bow, and other non-sense.

The truth about tuning your bow, and other non-sense.
I am sharing this article for access. Please read the entire article at BOWHUNTING-TRADITIONAL-STYLE. It is well worth the read.



I have to admit, after years of using the “bare shaft” tuning method, it has only been within the last two year that I have perfected it!  

Part of the reason, must fall at the feet of those preaching it, who didn’t have the right ideas as to how to do it!   That would include people who stated they tried it, but it didn’t work.   I must not over look those who shoot self-bows, and bows that are not cut to, or near enough to center-shot!   Those poor souls must deal with the fact that they are “shooting off the side of their bows,” as opposed to shooting through the bow, which is closer to what happens when your bow is center-shot.   Having stated the above, those who shoot off the side of the bow need not fret, there are other tuning methods, methods that work nearly as well as…

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