Wounded Warriors United Supports The Second Amendment

We do not have to compromise our beliefs to support the Wounded Warrior cause.  We simply need to find other companies that support the cause, America, our Bill of Rights, and our Constitution.

As an American and as a Veteran, I was offended by the Anti-American, Anti-Gun stance that was taken by the C.E.O. and administration of the Wounded Warrior Project.  I knew that  because of their public stance against guns; I would not be able to support their stance or their company.  I do, however; support the Wounded Warrior cause.   For those of you that are not familiar with the Wounded Warrior Project’s public stance, here are a few article links:

Wounded Warrior Project Stirs Debate & Controversy with Anti-Gun Stance

Wounded Warrior Project In Not So Many Words Admits It Is Anti Gun

Wounded Warrior Project CEO Confirms Organization Is Anti-Gun and Anti-Knife

Like I said, I do support the cause.  That is why I was very pleased to be introduced to another company with a similar cause.  The Wounded Warriors United.  I was skeptical at first because of the similar name so I contacted them on their Facebook Page.  Here is the short conversation:

Wounded_Warrior_UnitedRasher Quivers: “Is the Wounded Warriors United in any way involved, part of, or associated with the Wounded Warrior Project?”

Wounded Warriors United: “We are a totally separate organization, our mission is Uniting Heroes Outdoors. We do a lot of hunting and fishing. We stand behind and support the 2nd amendment.

That is what I needed to hear.  According to one of my sources, Wounded Warriors United was founded by a wounded vet in an attempt to unite other service people to hunt, fish, and etc.  There they can tell their stories, bond, and heal with one another. This unity is needed because sometimes we just don’t understand what they are going through.

According to the Wounded Warrior United Facebook page.  This is their description:

“Wounded Warriors United is a not-for-profit organization formed in Kansas exclusively for our Wounded and Combat Veterans. Wounded Warriors United will provide all inclusive events for our Warriors to include hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and so much more.”

We do not have to compromise our beliefs to support the cause.  We simply need to find other companies that support America, our Bill of Rights, and our Constitution. We can focus our support on Wounded Warriors United and other companies that do not compromise our beliefs and everything these wounded warriors have fought for.

You can learn more about the Wounded Warriors United on their website at http://www.woundedwarriorsunited.com/


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