The Good Business with the Bad Business

Not all business goes the way it is suppose to.  At Rasher Quivers we pride ourselves on doing the right thing.  Honesty, when it comes to business, is the best policy.  That is why we share experiences like this.  Sometimes it is hard, especially when you are dealing with an angry customer.  The following is a description of a situation just like that.  I will do my best to keep the story unbiased.

The Good Business with the Bad Business

An order was placed on March 3rd of 2013.  That order was delivered on time and with a 30 day warranty.  45 days after delivery, the customer calls me at the office.  He was very angry because the strap braces on his Pursuit Quiver were misaligned.  The 30 day warranty was explained, but a new quiver was crafted anyway.

It is now December 30 of 2013 and we post a non-Rasher Quiver related article to an Archery Group on Facebook.  This is what it reads in the comments:

Bob:  YOU BUILD A S#%T PRODUCT RASHER!!! DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!!! He does not back his work. He replaced a quiver for me that he built at the wrong angle. He wasn’t happy. The quiver I got in return had thinner leather, no tooling decoration and the dye rub off in the first week. YOU SHOULD REFUND MY MONEY RASHER!!!

Bob: $150 FOR S#%T~ A%#HOLE!!!

OTHER: hmm that seems like it should be a private conversation

Bob: No. The Private conversation already occurred. He doesn’t back his work. ALL ARCHERS should stick together and weed out unscrupulous vendors. I let archers know that if you buy a product from him…he will do the same to you. If you have issues with a vendor, you should post it also…for the community.

Bob: I’ll post pics. You guys decide.

Rasher Quivers: I was aware of the first problem and I crafted you a whole new quiver even though you presented the problem a month after the warranty expired. This is the first that I am hearing of your other problem with the quiver that was originally ordered on march 1st. and like the first issue, you sure waited long enough to present the issue. I pride myself on doing the right thing, but I guess that we all have to deal with a customer like you from time to time.

These are the pictures that Bob posted.


The replacement


Initial Order that was replaced


Replacement (Left)
Original (Right)


Stain issues


















We at Rasher Quivers were made aware of the initial problem and corrected it.  The second problem, we were not made aware of until over 9 months after the initial order was placed and the customer posted the problem on Facebook.  We as professional leather workers know that things can and sometimes do go wrong. Especially with custom work.  We do our best to make it right.  If you ever have an issue with any of our work, please let us know.  We will do our best to make your Rasher Quivers experience a good one.


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