No Room for Traditional Archery at Vegas Shoot

20120930_091249Although traditional shooters represent the essence of archery, they are excluded from many events. Why is that?  Is it because more money is made with the gadget shooters, or have we just been forgotten.  I just got my newest issue of Archery Magazine.  It gives the classifications, schedules, and entry fees for several popular shoots.  These shoots include the largest shoot in my area, The Vegas Shoot.  Many archers train for this shoot all year long.  Any other competition is just in preparation for this one.  That is, unless you are a traditional shooter.  The only way for a traditional shooter to participate in the biggest shoot in the West is to compromise his/her standards, sell out, and buy all those gadgets, or shoot against the compounds in the Barebow category.

I believe that there should be competitions specifically for the gadget shooters, but a shoot of this caliber should not exclude the traditional class.  Our side of the sport is growing.  When a new shooter sees that the biggest shoot of the year does not have the traditional classification, they change the way they shoot to fit the mold.  Another true archer lost to the dark side.  More talent given to the gadgets.

What is your opinion on the subject.  Comment below.


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9 Responses to No Room for Traditional Archery at Vegas Shoot

  1. ctochester12 says:

    That’s sad, sounds like it is time for the Rasher Traditional only Las Vegas shoot.

  2. Dyrewulf says:

    I think the problem is one of scale – if only a very small percentage of Traditional shooters want to participate in a shoot like Vegas, the organizers don’t allocate resources for them. I know when I shot indoor heavily (unlimited, hunter, and FITA classes in a sixteen week league, at the same time) I think there were SIX people in the FITA class in the entire league, spanning a huge chunk of PA. Is it fair? No, not really, but just like most of the shops these days aren’t carrying traditional archery supplies (I don’t think there’s a single package of actual feather fletching in the entire shop I shoot for) because they concentrate on what they sell the most of. I’d love it if we had more traditional gear, I have a lovely Bear recurve that I pull out when the gadgets become too much…

    • This area may be different. We have a lot of traditional shooters. Especially due to the SCA and roll playing between here and California. If they would include us, we would show up.

  3. Craig Vaughn says:

    I shoot longbow here in Germany. In most shoots I am put in the Barebow class and compete against the recurves. Is it unfair, I think so but I want to shoot and I do it for fun. If I win then that is great but typically against recurves I don’t have a chance to score as high. I like to shoot and I will keep shooting even if I never win. After all, if you don’t have fun doing it then why do it?

  4. David Ward says:

    It used to be only traditional bows at the Vegas shoot, before compounds became so popular.

  5. Luckily in the UK, the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) has categories for most types of bow. One of the most commonly practiced styles are traditional english longbow. So long as we continue to inspire and promote traditional archery, especially in younger generations, traditional will survive.
    Is it not possible to form a US traditional archery society if one does not already exist?

    Best wishes,

    • We do have a lot of Traditional Archery organizations here in the U.S.A. It’s just sad that that when the big ones come that get all the attention, we traditional shooters are not included. That says a lot to the young ones that are thinking about getting into the sport.

      • I do see alot of young archers shooting more olympic style as opposed to traditional. At my local club I am the youngest regular archer there (I am 27). A few members will bring one or two of their kids, but they usually make only one appearance a year. I think they just need more inspiration to shoot traditional.
        I grew up watching medieval movies like robin hood and so have always been fascinated by the longbow. Movies like the Hunger Games are supposed to have bought an influx of young archers, lets hope there are more movies using traditional bows in the future.

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