Finding Your Anchor Position

A great blog on finding your archery anchor position.

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One of the things archers of all experience levels struggle with is finding their anchor position. We have seen very experienced archers move their heads inches to get a shot off, all the while keeping their hand on their face as if glued. We have had beginners fail to get off their first shot because they couldn’t allow their hand to be close to their face/eyes while there was something in it. Finding an anchor position is neither easy nor obvious.

The Word
A fairly prominent archery coach objected to the word “anchor” because it implied a static situation. Apparently this gentleman was not at all familiar with anchors. The word comes from the device used on a ship or boat for a temporary anchorage (there’s that word again). How a little thing like an anchor could hold a boat, which outweighs it many, many times over, still is beyond…

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