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The Good Business with the Bad Business

Not all business goes the way it is suppose to.  At Rasher Quivers we pride ourselves on doing the right thing.  Honesty, when it comes to business, is the best policy.  That is why we share experiences like this.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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No Room for Traditional Archery at Vegas Shoot

Although traditional shooters represent the essence of archery, they are excluded from many events. Why is that?  Is it because more money is made with the gadget shooters, or have we just been forgotten.  I just got my newest issue … Continue reading

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Finding Your Anchor Position

Originally posted on A Blog for Archery Coaches:
One of the things archers of all experience levels struggle with is finding their anchor position. We have seen very experienced archers move their heads inches to get a shot off, all…

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Custom Leather Guitar Strap | Rasher Quivers

This Custom Guitar Strap is crafted of a 6 to 8 oz. frame with a 5 to 6 oz. strap piece.  It features the guitarist’s Initials, Two-Tone Color Option, and basket weaved background.  The strap piece is hand written with … Continue reading

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