Tree Stand Advantages for Archers

Tree Stand Advantages for Archers

Written By Blake Anderson of

Hunter Tree StandsArchery has been widely practiced around the world for thousands of years and continues to be a prevalent method of defense, hunting, and an exciting sport enjoyed by many. From ancient arrows made of pine, to some of the most advanced carbon fiber technology, these archers are committed to finding thrilling new ways to revolutionize the use of the bow. The method of using hunter tree stands by hunters has been very common in modern times, seeing as how they provide a significant advantage while hunting intelligent animals. Although trees have been around and utilized for thousands of years, it’s only been recently that hunters have developed products that assist you in safely exploiting the advantages that elevation has for the modern hunter. There are however a few key points to keep in mind when specifically choosing hunter tree stands for archery as opposed to hunting with a rifle, and that’s what we will be discussing in this article.

Since archers require additional movement in preparing and drawing a bow before taking a shot over that of a rifleman, we would preferably like to get as high up into a tree as possible. Therefore a lightweight climbing tree stand would be the optimum choice for several reasons. Almost all climber tree stands consist of two moving parts, the chair and the platform below it, and are designed specifically to allow you to climb a tree while using the stand itself.

There is one slight disadvantage to a climber tree stand, but it is quickly remedied with the benefit of being able to easily make your way up high into a tree. The drawback is that a climber tree stand is designed to be used for trees that have no limbs or large branches below the height you wish to sit. But after you choose the perfect tree that is straight and fairly limbless, then you can safely climb up as high as you desire. With time, you will learn to easily spot the perfect trees for using with a climbing stand. Being 20 to 30 feet up a tree will make you invisible enough to ensure that deer won’t notice your movements, and instead will blindly stumble into your range of fire.

The reasons why we prefer climber tree stands over ladder stands and hang on tree stands, is because they are significantly lighter and provide a mobile solution that many archers can take great benefit from. Ladder stands are good if you are worried about stability, because they connect securely to the tree and are supported from the ground. But you now have to lug around a heavier piece of equipment, which will affect the mobility and stealth that’s required for a successful hunt with a bow. Whatever option you decide to go with, just know that hunter tree stands will always be a viable option and a great investment for your hunting game.


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