A Compound Bow is NOT a Stick and String.

Compound at full drawFOR THE RECORD!!!  A compound bow is NOT a Stick and String.  I hold no animosity for the modern bows.  I have nothing but respect for the pinpoint precision that is expected from a modern bow, BUT STILL…  A compound bow should NOT be referred to as a Stick and String.

The term, “Stick and String” refers to the simplicity of the tool.  There is nothing simple about a compound bow.  Cams, Pulleys, Sights, Stabilizers, the engineering and math it takes to put that all together prove my point on that one.

We have already manipulated the term, Stick and String, to include simple bows of traditional design that are made of modern man-made materials, but even that is a stretch.  Compound bows are not, and never will be included in the term, Stick and String.   Compound bows deserve their rightful place in the world of archery and hunting.  But let’s not get confused.  They are bows, they shoot arrows, but there is more to a compound bow than a stick and string.

This is not a reference to the terms “Traditional”, “Primitive”, or “Modern.  Those are arrows of a different color.  What is Stick and String being referred to when it comes to a bow?  In its purest form it is a wooden shaft stretched with a string.

  • Cams – Not included.
  • Pulleys – Not included.
  • Sights – Not included.
  • Stabilizers – Not included.
  • Triggers – Not included.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the subject.

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