Turkey Pot Call Case

Crooked Talon Pot CallMarch 2013, Rasher Quivers received a Custom Pot Call and Striker from Crooked Talon Game Calls.  It was a great set up so I set out to design a custom case to fit the superior craftsmanship of the Pot Call and the Striker.  I was very excited about this build and went forth with enthusiasm.

I had the vision in my head, but getting it to the leather was a different story.  So Turkey Pot Call Casewho do I consult on the build…..  My son.  Gabriel had to bring me and my ideas back down to earth.  I have a tendency to over-complicate what should be an easy task.  K.S.S!!  “Keep it Simple Stupid” and I was there.

I am really happy with this design.  It s always nice when it comes out just like you envisioned it.  Keeping to the  K.S.S. theme were are calling it, “Rasher’s Pot Call Case.”  The thick leather frame is designed to protect from the elements and reduce shock to your favorite Turkey Pot Call.  Your Striker doubles as the lid lock.  It is designed for pot calls up to 4 – 7/8 inches and it attaches to belts up to 2 inches thick.

I would like to thank Crooked Talon Game Calls for making this build possible with their Custom Pot Call and Striker.  We hope to develop more products for these calls that will fit the needs and images of turkey hunters everywhere.

Click here to visit our Website

Click here to visit our Website


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One Response to Turkey Pot Call Case

  1. charleslopez says:

    That is very handsome and practical.

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