A Rough Week at Rasher Quivers

We started this week out with a positive attitude.  As the week went on, that positivity went down hill quick.  No matter how hard you try to get things right, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.  That’s the way it went for us at Rasher Quivers this week.  It was one thing after the next.  We do our best to put out only the highest quality work and we will continue to do so.  Even with weeks as rough as this one.

Day 1

We need more leather.  I head to Tandy Leather that always had my leather in stock.  Not this time!!  Not only did they not have any in stock, but they didn’t have any in the warehouse either.  I had to place an order with another Tandy Leather in another state which meant that I would have to wait a few days for delivery.  Now we are behind schedule.

Day 2

A Tactical Ranger Quiver was ordered.  I cut, tooled, stained and sealed the project.  While adding the hardware, I noticed that I was crafting a standard Ranger Quiver.  This is not what the customer ordered.  So we set it aside and started over.  We did get the Tactical Ranger crafted and shipped.  So all worked out well.  Mistakes happen. Right?

Day 3

I started a custom tooling job on an arm guard.  Some adjustments had to made to the order so that it would look right.  Everything was going great.  The Custom Arm Guard was cut, tooled, and background was stained when I realized that I left out an important detail that was requested by the customer.  An entire days work lost.  Once again, we started over from the beginning and explained the delay to the customer.  At this point, I am getting mad at myself and taking out on everybody around me.  My wife set me strait on my attitude.


Day 4

The leather we order from Tandy was delivered.  It had so many scars and brands that a lot of it was unusable because of our sizable projects.  We had to use what we could because work had to get done.

Day 5

A Pursuit Quiver was ordered for a left handed archer.  I cut the frame and began the tooling when I realized that the frame I cut was for a right handed archer.   There wasn’t too much time wasted here, but man are we really going through the leather fast.  Another mistake by yours truly.  And we still have so much work to do.

Day 6

We had been working all week on a standard Ranger Quiver.  It was finished and going to quality control where we noticed a deep scratch in the leather.  This was the leather that we got from the Tandy that was out of state.  It was beyond repair.  We had to notify the customer and let them know what had happened and explain to them the delay in their order.  We started over on the project.  More time lost, more leather gone.SNDRanger scratchSNDRangerScratchCU






Day 7

We need more leather.  Luckily, the Tandy in town had what I needed in stock this time and they set it aside for me to pick up.  In the mean time, we worked on what we could to get ahead on the orders that we had the materials for.

It was a rough week here at Rasher Quivers!!  Some weeks just don’t go as planned.


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Click here to visit our Website


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2 Responses to A Rough Week at Rasher Quivers

  1. charleslopez says:

    No some weeks don’t go as planned but doing the right thing, when things go downhill, to keep the customer happy can always be a part of the plan

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