Changes to the Guardsman Quiver

GuardsmanNew (3)Rasher Quivers has recently made some changes to the Guardsman Quiver and the Guardsman II Quiver.  The Guardsman Series Quivers will no longer feature the long strap that allowed it to be carried as a back quiver as well as a hip quiver.  This strap was not a universal fit and frankly, it was just a stupid idea.  Hey, we all have our moments.  Obviously, when I was designing the original Guardsman, that wasn’t one of my best.

The new Guardsman Quiver (Shown in picture to the left) will feature a much less complicated design.  A single loop attaches the Guardsman Series to a belt up to 3 inches thick.  This simplifies the operation and adds to the aesthetics of this design.  The Guardsman II (Picture not available) will still feature the Pigskin Leather frame and hand crafted tooling on the lip of the quiver.

GuardsmanNew (1) In addition to the changes already mentioned; the Guardsman series will now have leather color options for all pieces other than the frame.

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