Rasher’s Most Challenging Build

Custom Traditional Ranger Quiver

Custom Traditional Ranger Quiver

Any custom build has it’s own challenges, but this quiver is the reining champion to date. In early January, 2013 I got the call for a custom Ranger Quiver.  The archer even provided a Photoshopped image of what he wanted.  This made things very easy to understand as we discussed the particulars.  It seemed easy enough because many of the features he desired were similar to those that we had done before.  I agreed to take on the project.  Thank goodness that the customer told me to take my time, because this build would prove to be one challenge after the next.

My son and I started planning the build.  It didn’t take long before we had our family and friends involved.  The different styles of leather were not available in the same thickness and the overlapping of the different styles of leather was proving to be unappealing and gaudy.  Three prototypes later we got the frame designed, but it required us to use methods that we were not well versed in.  Practice piece after practice piece, we went to work.  When we thought that we had it, we started on the real deal, which presented more issues.  Placement, cuts, and stitching all had to be worked out before we could start the final piece.  The straps were a whole separate issue, but we eventually got it finished and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Custom Embracer Arm Guard

Custom Embracer Arm Guard

Along with this quiver is a matching Embracer Arm Guard and a 1 inch Traditional Side Strap.   We initially attempted to craft this arm guard with multiple pieces of leather for a two tone appearance that matched the quiver, but the results was just a mess.  For that reason, we went with the Gater tooled leather that was backed with a flat mahogany cowhide and topped with antler buttons.

Custom Fletching CoverThis custom quiver also features a Pig Skin fletching cover in a color that I can not explain, but it was the closest we could get to matching the quiver.  No, It is not as orange as it seems in the picture.

We loved the challenges that this build presented.  We all learned a lot from crafting this quiver and we are very happy with the final product. It all shipped on Februry 28.  I hope that the customer is as happy with the final result as we are.  Now we have to get caught up on the rest of our orders.

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One Response to Rasher’s Most Challenging Build

  1. Gorgeous! And about time…. I was getting ready to email you guys and poke you to post something beautiful!

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