Archery: Form is Everything

Anchor PointIf you have been shooting for any length of time you know how important it is to utilize proper form.  No matter which style of archery you choose to practice, your form is everything.  Practicing with poor form can lead to bigger, harder to fix issues later.  Yet, so many archers choose to disregard the importance of proper form.

I have heard it all.  “I shoot instinctive so I don’t work on my form.”  “I am a snap shooter, I don’t need to work on my anchor.”   Those are just a couple of examples of some of the crazy things I hear from archers who don’t think that their form is important.  I personally believe that if you are shooting instinctive or snap shooting, your form is even more important than any other style of shooting.  These two styles leave too much room for variants in your form.  Even the most minute inconsistency in your form can wreak havoc on your shot.

Archery may be an easy sport to get started in, but it takes practice, hard work, and time to master.  That is why I refer to archery as a journey.  One goal leads to another path to perfection.  You can spend a lifetime trying to perfect your shot. It doesn’t matter which style of archery you choose to shoot.  The basics are the same.  They all start with your form.  You will NEVER shoot at your full potential if you disregard the basics.  Even those veteran archers that have been shooting for 50 years have issues with their form from time to time.  So, take your time.  Learn the basics.  Practice the basics.  Evaluate your form.  Then when you think that you have it, start all over again.

If you need more information about proper form and techniques, the Rasher Quivers Archery Blog is jam-packed with Lessons, Video Tutorials, Training Exercises, and personal experiences that have taught me valuable lessons on form and it’s function.   Simply use the “SEARCH” box and enter “Form” to see all the information gathered together in one convenient location.  I would love to hear about the challenges that you have faced on your archery journey, so please leave a comment below.



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  1. Dyrewulf says:

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    I have a friend who’s fairly new to archery – I winced the other day when he said “The bow was fine two weeks ago, but the other day it started hitting to the left, so I moved the arrow rest…”

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