Point Guard


Rasher Quivers is not happy with the names of our current Arm Guard Line.  Help us give new names to our Arm Guards starting with the arm guard currently named “The Point Guard.”  If we choose the name you selected, we will craft a free custom Arm Guard in this style for you.


  • If there are several submissions of the same name, the first who posted the name gets the free custom Arm Guard.
  • The name must not infringe on any copy rights or trademarks.
  • The new name and the winner will be announced on Sunday, 13 January 2013.
  • All name submissions must be entered in the comments below to be eligible for the free custom Arm Guard.
  • Winner is required to pay for shipping and handling of the custom arm guard.

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Owner/Operator of Rasher Quivers
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  1. Chad Groenhout says:

    The Oakenshield

  2. Rod Jones says:

    The Lockshire

  3. Erik says:

    Design a “Bullseye” on the forearm guard with the Rasher Quivers emblem in the center,

    Call this particular Arm guard the “String Fellow”

  4. Kelly Daveldek says:

    Bruise Buster.

    I am always purple after I shoot without a guard.

  5. troy says:

    Bruiser of bruises

  6. Adrian says:

    “Pointy End of Arrow Goes This Way”

  7. Charles ellis says:

    From Latin – Arcus. The root word that archery comes from

  8. Charles ellis says:

    The Agincourt, after the great battle that made the English War bow a legend.

  9. Charles ellis says:

    Ull – the Norse god of archery.

  10. Alec potts says:


  11. Mithril – the mythical armor that frodo wore in Lord of The Rings.

  12. The Crécy – another famous longbow battle between the French and English.

  13. Ancient Roman Gladiators wore an arm guard called a MANICA.

  14. Gerry Korzi says:

    ForeArmor Armguard

  15. Ben says:

    Skin Saver

  16. Ed Butler says:

    You could call it, “The Armed Guard”

  17. Colin Ornduff says:

    The Warriors Wrath… named after those who have not used an arm guard before.

  18. Mike U. says:

    The Sentinel

  19. Scytere – Old English word for Archer

  20. Werigend – Old English Noun for a defender protector .

  21. Fierdrinc – Old English for warrior soldier

  22. Ed Brooks says:

    Zuya, is from the Native American Sioux language. meaning – “warpath”.

  23. The Andamanese arm guard –
    “Bows and arrows are used by the Andamanese for killing land animals and fish, and detachable harpoons in the pursuit of turtle and sharks. These natives are employed by the Port Blair authorities against the wild tribes who have a habit of killing the convicts settled on the land for the sake of the iron ring round their neck, which is useful for tipping arrows “

  24. Jack says:

    The Gauntlet

  25. Phil says:

    Clever Cuff

  26. TEDYSEE says:


  27. Joshua jones says:

    “Dragon Guard” because it burns if you hit yourself.

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