The Joys of Looking for Hunting Property

Looking for a hunting property has always been one of my biggest problems. I would like to learn more about finding a hunting spot on both Public and private lands.

323 Archery

Ok, I live just outside Atlanta near Six Flags over Georgia. I have access to a FANTASTIC hunting property down in Taylor county, GA, but it’s a two and a half hour drive, not exactly something that’s great for quick hunt.  I have access to 40+ acres in Powder Springs, GA, but it’s mostly a farm, and there is only a tiny amount that can be hunted, which is surrounded by people of questionable hunting ethics.

I have been hunting Wildlife Management Areas in GA on and off this year, but honestly, almost every single one has different seasons, most of which make no sense when you first look at them. (For example, Nov. 17th-18th, then Nov 21st-22nd. Hope you have days off on those dates.)  Not only that, but EVERY time I’ve hunted a WMA this year, I’ve had issues with hunters walking right by my stand, smoking, yelling…

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