Custom Sedona Back Quiver Set


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The Sedona Quiver is one of my favorite back quivers, so when Rasher Quivers was asked to make one with a Steampunk theme I was very excited.  I love the Steampunk theme and have crafted other equipment with this theme, but no two quivers are tooled the same.  A matching Point Guard Arm guard and Rasher Pocket Quiver made this project even more enjoyable.

Theme: Steampunk

Color Options: Two-Tone Black/Saddle Tan

Custom Pocket: Custom Shield, Zipper Pocket

Custom Quiver Depth: 28 Inches

Custom Tooling:  Steampunk Theme with Name

Other Custom:  Matching Point-Guard Arm Guard and Pocket Quiver

Product Review

Sedona “Steampunk” Quiver – 5 Stars

The tactical strap choice in cooperation of the vertical quiver design make the maneuverability of the Sedona quiver incredible. It doesn’t matter if you have to get down on one knee, bend over to pick something up or even shoot at a different than normal angle. Your arrows are completely centered at all times and can easily be pulled from the quiver with only 1 arm.

I had the Steampunk theme added to this and it came out beyond my expectations, really fantastic craftsmanship. The custom work at the Rasher Quivers shop is of the highest quality. The durability of the quiver itself is 2nd to none! Some of the strongest stitch work I’ve seen. There is no doubt in my mind this will out live me and be passed down to my son. I highly recommend the Sedona Quiver.

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Click here to visit our Website


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