A Stick, A String, and A Ten Year Old Girl

Today, 19 November 2012, was a very special day at the archery range.  I had the opportunity to meet a very inspiring ten year old girl named Kristine. This day was not a usual archery range day for me, but I went to deliver some Rasher Quivers Arm Guards that were ordered.

I was on the line getting my much needed practice in.  This little girl was in the lane right in front of me.  I couldn’t help but notice the perfection in her form and focus.  I was very impressed with the conviction she showed in every shot she took.  Her father was shooting to my left.  He was fumbling around with a thumb-ring on right-handed recurve bow as he shot the arrow off his hand on right side of the bow’s riser.  Kristine’s sister, Hannah,  was a tiny little thing with very little patience for the function of it all.  The Tiny one couldn’t walk to retrieve her arrows if she had ten pound weights tied to each ankle,  but you could tell that she was having a blast.  They were all using house bows with unmatched house arrows, but unlike the others, Kristine was hammering them into the red consistently at ten yards.I gave Kristine a small tip on finger position and it immediately took her from a 6 inch grouping to arrows were touching.

I love kids and I love to have fun, so I invited her to shoot a couple rounds against me.  Three arrows, one end at a time, shot for shot.  Again, I was impressed with her form and concentration tied together as accurately as she was with this mismatched house equipment.  We went three ends and our scores were very close.  I was thinking that I need to step up my game, because with a little more practice this ten year old girl was going to whip my butt.

I spoke with the father as he explained their Korean heritage and how he must be so bad because he is only half Korean.  We got into discussing Korean Coaches and the Olympics….. He had wanted to get into archery for a long time, but his girls showed no interest until they saw the movie, “Brave.”  Immediately I thought, “That movie hasn’t been out very long.”  So, I asked him how long has Kristine been shooting.  Today was her third time ever shooting a bow.  WHAT?!!!!!!!  Not only did I almost get whooped by a ten year old girl, but this was only her third time ever holding a stick and a string.

If she keeps up with the archery, I am certain that this ten year old girl will be a champion someday.  In my mind, she already is.  She has accomplished in three lessons what has taken me and many others years to achieve.  I really hope that I get the opportunity to see this family again, and that Kristine has a bow in her hand.  It is going to be a blast watching her soar through her archery journey.

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