Alexander Tactical – Custom Back Quiver

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The Alexander Tactical Quiver was one of Rasher Quivers first big custom quiver jobs.  The crafting of this quiver presented a lot of new challenges that led to a lot of new ideas.  We were, and still are, very proud of this quiver.  It has played a huge roll in the quivers we craft today.  I am certain that it wall also influence the quivers we will make in the future.

Theme: A tactical quiver with the Alexander Tactical Shooting Team Logo

Color Options: Two-Tone Black/Saddle Tan

Custom Belt:  The custom belt fits around the lip of the quiver to add things like belt pouches and knife sheaths.

Custom Letter Embossing:  Just above the pocket we embossed the team name, “Alexander Tactical

Leather Pocket with Zipper

Custom Pocket: Custom Shield, Zipper Pocket

Custom Strap:  The Alexander Tactical features the Rasher Quivers Tactical Strap.  A four-position adjustable, dual shoulder strap.

Other Custom:  Custom Quiver Girdle with lace strap.  It features 4 rows of custom leather loops for added storage.

Custom Tooling:  Alexander Tactical Shooting Team Logo on Pocket

Product Review

Alexander Tactical Custom Quiver! – 5 Stars

If you are looking for quality workmanship and a custom design for your quiver, look no further. Rasher Quivers is the place to go for all of your archery quiver needs. I’m EXTREMELY happy with my Alexander Tactical custom quiver!!

Click here to visit our Website

Click here to visit our Website


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2 Responses to Alexander Tactical – Custom Back Quiver

  1. phillip greene says:

    i love this quiver where can i get it and is it possible i can get on with a few more molle loops up the sides

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