The Ranger Quiver: Built for the Outdoorsman

The Ranger Quiver

“But I am the real Strider, fortunately. I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by life or death I can save you, I will.” – Aragorn, LOTR (Click to Tweet)


The Ranger Quiver is deluxe leather back quiver that’s crafted like no other.  Rasher Quiver’s tribute to Aragorn of the L.O.T.R. movie series.  Hand Crafted in the U.S.A., this quiver was built to last with a thick 8 ounce leather frame.

The Ranger Quiver was designed with the outdoor archer in mind.  A built in pigskin fletching cover keeps those arrows dry when it matters most.  The bow holster system was designed to carry your longbow or hybrid on those journeys that take you even further than the average archer.  The one inch bow strap doubles as a belt for added storage for things like a knife sheath, belt pouch, pocket quiver, and more.

The Ranger is perfect for hunting, target shooting, S.C.A. events, competitions and more.

Ranger Quiver Statistics

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Product Reviews:
1)  I special ordered this with the double straps (backpack style). Well, I got my Ranger in the mail today. When I opened the box, it was not what I expected… was far better than I ever imagined!!! I found myself saying over and over…”GORGEOUS!” The quiver , upon a quick glance, you can tell it is of great quality. The leather is top grade, solid and nothing limp about it. The stitching is absolutely sound. But when you get a closer look, the craftsmanship will blow you away! Jason and his crew put everything they had into this. I have had many quivers but none can compare to this. This one stands out and I can count on this being around for many years to come! Can’t find anything like this mass produced. One of a kind! Thanks Jason!

– Parker

2)  I’m making a Aragorn costume and needed his quiver and after looking around to see if anyone made a replica, I ran across Rasher Quivers. Wow! I was thrilled! After asking them about some custom measurements (to match the bow I was already getting), they responded quickly and… I got the finished quiver yesterday! Very fast turnaround and was very impressed with their updates they listed on their facebook page. I knew exactly where they were in the crafting process.
The quality of the quiver is beyond what I imagined. The pictures on the website are obviously what sold me, but now that I have it in person. I’m extremely satisfied and as soon as I have the rest of my costume, I’ll be sure to send pictures.
I also now want to take up archery, so… Well done!


Click here to visit our Website

Click here to visit our Website


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