Finding Time To Hunt: Windows of Opportunity and Their Benefits

Finding the time to go hunting is a huge problem for me. In this article, Will Jenkins, discusses opportunities to hunt for the busy person and what each opportunity may provide.

PSE Archery Blog

By Will Jenkins

With the rut kicking in and holidays on the horizon, we are all scrambling to find time to hunt. This is a challenge for all hunters especially those of us that have kids and busy work schedules. Unless you are blessed with a ridiculous amount of paid vacation or you hunt for a living you must put effort into finding time to hunt.

While an all-day sit during the rut is great if you’re able to sneak out of work an hour or two early and stop by one of your hunting spots with just a couple hours before shooting light ends, do it. While activity is up during the day the bucks are still moving at dusk. They’ll start running around checking doe bedding areas. If you don’t have time to pack in a stand or climb a tree bring a stool or find a…

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