Pixia – Custom Halfling – Youth Back Quiver

“Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds, because it has more to prove.” – Terry Pratchett (Click to Tweet)


Custom Halfling Youth Quiver

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This quiver was crafted by mortal hands in the House of Rasher. It reflects the spirit of all who chose it to moniker and bear.  As the creator of this quiver, I hereby name thee Pixia.

Theme: Flowers on earth.  Flowers from Heaven.  Girls best friend to walk with you through the garden.

Color Options: Two-Tone Black/Saddletan

Custom Height: 18 Inches

Custom Tooling:  This Custom Halfling Quiver features custom tooling that represents the theme mentioned above.  The customer put their trust in Rasher Quivers with a Craftsman’s Choice tooling option.  This tooling option allows the craftsman to create and design the tooling to fit the theme that the customer requested.

Custom Bottom: The Halfling Quiver comes standard with a Seamed Bottom, but due to the customizations, the craftsman thought it best to add an oval bottom to add more depth to this beautiful quiver.

Product Review

Great Quality and A great Price! – 5 Stars

I ordered a custom quiver for my daughter and gave Jason artistic license to create something different. He delivered big time! Way exceeded my expectations.

Click here to visit our Website

Click here to visit our Website


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