Blog Review: Life and Longbows Blog

When I look back on all my shots in the field, for me the edge goes to the simple bow.” – Fred Bear (Click to Tweet)

One of my favorite blogs to read is called, “Life and Longbows.”  This blog is managed by Nick Viau who walks the path of a traditional archer and hunter with his longbow(s).  The stories and tutorials posted on this blog are so well written that you feel like you are with Nick on his traditional archery journeys.

Connect with Nick Viau of “Life and Longbows” on Twitter at:

Nick discusses topics on bow hunting, stump shooting, and archery equipment with titles like:

He also reviews books and other media related to the traditional archery field in articles like:

Nick is an active member of the Stick and String Community.  He is a contributing author for the Stick and String Magazine and has been a guest on the Stick and String Adventures Podcast on several occasions.  Nick’s knowledge of the sport has been an asset to the Stick and String Forum as well.  He is a respected and valued asset in the traditional archery community.

Visit the Life and Longbows Blog and see for yourself the joy and passion that Nick has found in the ways of  traditional archery and his love for the longbow.

“Like” the Life & Longbows Facebook Fan Page at:

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