5 Stages of Rut: How and When to Hunt

323 Archery Shoot discusses the 5 stages of Rut

323 Archery

10/29/2012  From BMG Outdoors

The leaves are just about off; the nights are getting cooler and the days shorter. The time of year whitetail hunters dream about all year is just about here. Many hunters don’t fully understand the different phases of the rut and how to go about hunting them. We’re going to try and iron out the different stages, attempt to attach some approximate dates to them (obviously it can vary substantially given your location) and lastly give you some tips on where you should be.

Stage One: The Prelude October 15th-October 25th 
This stage is usually one that gets many hunters prematurely excited. Scrapes and rubs are starting to show up all throughout the woods and you may see bucks sparring to strengthen their muscles and align the pecking order. Most of these sparring battles take place at dusk or dawn and if mature bucks are…

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