Deer Scent: When and What

323 Archery Shoot writes on the subject of When and What on Deer Scents.

323 Archery

The most effective scent strategies are also among the most simple to execute. You just need a system.

By Doug Howlett – American Hunter Magazine – 8/24/2011

To avoid danger and stay alive, a whitetail uses its ability to detect faint odors more than any other sense. Without argument, its nose is its greatest aid in survival; however, it can also prove to be its undoing when it comes up against a hunter who develops the right strategy of combining attractant and cover scents. To do this, a hunter needs to know what to use, when to use it and then execute a plan that will put a buck at total ease and even pull him in for an easy shot. Here’s how to build your own easy-to-follow scent plan for big buck success.

Time Your Scents
First, you have to use the right scent for the right phase of…

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