8 Whitetail Hunting Mistakes: And How To Avoid Making Them

323 Archery Shoot with a great blog about mistakes that can be made while hunting Whitetail deer.

323 Archery

From Knight & Hale

The white-tail deer rut is the most talked about aspect of hunting, yet may be the most misunderstood. The rut can be broken down into three distinct phases: the pre-rut, peak of the rut and the post-rut. Let’s start with deer activity as it leads into the pre-rut.

Bucks spend their summers in bachelor groups – 3 or 4 or more bucks spending most of their time together. These bachelor groups can be seen late in summer evenings feeding together. As autumn nears and the velvet peels from the bucks’ antlers, hormone levels in each buck begin to rise and the bucks begin to tolerate each other less and less. This is when the bucks begin sparring with each other and a hierarchy is established. The bucks spread out and establish their own home turf.

Mistake No. 1: Leaving the rattlebag or rattling antlers at home…

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