Archery Training – Variety is Key to Success

Training Variety is the key to being a successful, well rounded archer.  I recently finished participating in a three month archery league.  It was an indoor, partners league shooting at twenty  yards.  I spent my time, during these three months, training on my performance for this league and I really learned a lot, but now the league is over and I find myself lacking in several other areas.

A couple weeks after the league, I participated in a novelty shoot with my local club, The Las Vegas Archers.  This shoot was especially important because it showed me the many shortcomings I developed by concentrating and training for one event.  This novelty shoot was a Paper Golf shoot.  I won’t go into particulars, but it required me to shoot from various ranges.  Thanks to the league, my form was great, but my ability to relate distances and adjust vertically was horrible.  Everything shot I took was low.  My instincts and muscle memory were locked into that 20 yards and I couldn’t get past it.

It was a good lesson learned.  You never know what kind of a shooting situation that you will find yourself in.  Adding a variety of training exercises to your routine can reduce your risk for surprises and short comings like I just had.  A mistake I will try not to make again.

My answer to this problem is simple.  No matter what type of archery competition I am training for, I will implement a variety of drills and exercises to insure that I remain well rounded in all aspects of the art.  While 75% of my training will be focused on the next competition, the remaining 25% will be adding that variety.  To implement this change, I will simply readjust my training log to reflect these adjustments.

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