The Missionary Hunt – Tips for Hunting Out of a Climber

This is a reblog from Pushing the Wild Limits called, “The Missionary Hunt” Tips for hunting out of a climber.

Pushing the Wild Limits

Tips for hunting out of a climber.

Don’t be stuck in your ways, get mobile, break traditional thinking and use a climber.

My mind swiftly and carefully took note of any and all factors as I stood in completely new territory.  Wind direction, trees, sign, cover,  all were racing through my head as the ancient Native American in me studied the woods for the perfect ambush location.  I had hauled my trusted climber, a Summit Viper, deep into deer country for a missionary hunt.    After dropping my friend off about 200 yards earlier where I had seen a buck a few days before, I slowly worked my way down into the depths of the drainage.

The sun cast long shadows over the intense thicket  and the sun seemed to turn the color of gold in between the branches.  To my right, a jungle of pines.  On my left, briars…

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