Archery – Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed or Mechanical Broadheads

Here is a question that I have had for years. Jared Bloomgren answers the questions… Advantages & Disadvantages of fixed or mechanical broadheads. I couldn’t help but reblog this one for my own interest on the subject.

PSE Archery Blog

By Jared Bloomgren

Each and every year there are new and “improved” broadheads hitting the market that are supposed to be sharper, stronger, and more accurate than previous models. Many archers go through various broadhead brands and types almost like toilet paper in the neighborhood out-house after a chili feed! I am much different and have found a head that flat out gets it done for me and has numerous years now without letting me down. Of course it is a replaceable blade head and I choose to stick with this style of head for various reasons.

Which is better, fixed/replaceable blade or mechanical heads? This is a question that can get as heated as any political campaign out there when brought up at the wrong time at a pro shop or hunting camp. The argument will go on and on for decades to come I am sure. Or until…

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