Evangelist Lester Harper Loves Rasher Quivers

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me venison.” – Genesis 27:3 (Click to Tweet)

Lester Harper is an Evangelist at North Mill Creek Baptist Church in Petersburg, West Virginia.  In addition to his commitment to his faith and his family, Lester is also a bowyer and a  traditional bow hunter.  I first met Lester online at the Stick and String Forum where he shared his vast knowledge of making bows of all fashions.  Lester had his own company called, L.H. Custom Archery, but soon left the business to pursue his true calling in the church.  Here is what Evangelist Lester Harper had to say about Rasher Quivers.

My experience with Rasher Quivers began on the forums at Stick and String. I was lucky enough to have Jason build me the Scripted quiver to try out, and man what an amazing quiver it is. I carried the quiver through heat, snow, and rain last season and the quiver still looks new! I will not carry another quiver unless it is a Rasher Quiver! I personally love doing business with Jason and I would recommend his work to any archer out there. If you want the best, buy from Rasher!

To find out more about Rasher Quivers’ Scripted Quiver visit our Website at http://rasherquivers.com/

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Click here to visit our Website


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