Break Your Silhouette For “Spot And Stalk”

Another Great Post from PSE that just had to be shared. More on the Spot and Stalk hunting method from Pedro Ampuero.

PSE Archery Blog

By Pedro Ampuero

Almost all the hunting I make is “spot and stalk”, with roe deer even more often “Walk and Stalk” in which you walk through the forest until you spot the animal, which is typically almost at shooting distance. For being successful, is a must that you break your silhouette in order to detect the animals before they detect you.

For this purpose, one thing it has been much more effective for me, is to use macro pattern camos, which really break your silhouette at any distance. Sometimes with more classic camo patterns, which have a high detail level, they look great at close distances, but as soon as you get farther than 30 yards you cannot see the detail and it all looks like one brown piece.

My philosophy is to focus more on not looking like a human, than trying to look like a tree. Animals…

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