Custom Leather Quiver Considerations from Rasher Quivers

Purchasing a Custom Archery Quiver doesn’t have to be complicated.  At Rasher Quivers we do everything possible to make this process simple and easy for you.  There are many things to consider if you are going to purchase a Custom Leather Quiver.  We hope this list makes these choices less complicated and puts you one step closer to owning the quiver of your dreams.

Things to consider for your custom order:

1) Quiver Style

Rasher Quivers offers a variety of styles in Back Quivers , Hip Quivers, Pocket Quivers, & Youth Quivers.  Choosing one of these styles already in the Rasher Quivers product line is a great starting point.

2)  Quiver Depth

The perfect size for your quiver is dependent on your arrow length.  There is no fancy calculations here.  Measure from the tip of your arrow head to where you would like the lip of the quiver to be.  Everybody is different in this case, but only you know what is comfortable to you.

3) Arrow Capacity

This one is easy….  How many arrows do you need your quiver to hold?  The craftsman at Rasher Quivers will take care of all the measurements needed to determine the circumference of of your quiver based off your arrow capacity requirements.

4)  Strap Options

Rasher Quivers currently offers two different strap styles:

5)  Color Options

Rasher Quivers uses five major colors for our quivers but we do have access to other customizable color options.

6) Adding Pockets:

These pockets can come in many sizes and shapes.  Your specific size and shape will be influenced by the Custom Quiver options that you have chosen.

  •   Traditional Leather Pocket – This pocket comes standard with a wooden button, but can be upgraded to an antler button

    Traditional Leather Pocket

  • Leather Pocket with Snap

    Leather Pocket with Snap

  • Zipper Pocket

Leather Pocket with Zipper

7) Lining –

  • Quiver Lip – Adding a fur lining to the lip of your quiver is a great way to add more style to the image of your quiver, but it can also limit noise caused by arrow rattle.
  • Quiver Base – Adding a foam base to your quiver reduces the noise from bouncing arrows.  If you choose this option you should add 1 inch to your quiver depth to compensate for the foam.

8)  Custom tooling (Leather Carving)

Custom Tooling/Leather Carving is available and is charge by the hour.  If you wish to give the craftsman at Rasher Quivers creative control of your tooling, then all that is needed is an explanation or a theme for your custom quiver.  You may also email a picture of your own to us at  Rasher Quivers will quote you a price related to the tooling.  Once this price has been quoted, it will not change unless you change your order.

9) Unlisted

Just because we do not have it listed does not mean that we cannot offer it to you.  If you have a request that is not listed, please contact us by phone at 702-501-1680 or by email at

Get your Custom Archery Quiver Now by visiting our website.

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Click here to visit our Website


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