Cresting with Rustoleum Craft & Hobby Enamel

Nick Vaiu of Life & Longbows explains what arrow cresting is, why Native Americans did it, and his process of cresting arrows with Rustoleum Craft & Hobby Enamel

Life and Longbows

My arrow-building has become increasingly better with a little bit of patience and a whole lot of experimentation. The latter made possible by a fellow TradGanger who happened upon 30 ramon wood dowels and didn’t have a use for them. They varied drastically in spine and diameter so I matched them the best I could, made a dozen from the heavier shafts for a friend and used the rest to improve my cresting skills.

Cresting is basically a fancy way of marking an arrow in an identifiable way so that other archers know it is yours. It has been around almost as long as the arrow but gained popularity in Europe nearly a century ago during the golden age of target archery.

Native American tribes were also cresting their work but for a more spiritual purpose. Many believed the arrow to be an extension of themselves and took a great…

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