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Android App – Rasher Quivers Archery Blog

Rasher Quivers Archery Blog is now available as an application for your Android phone.  Access our blog with a simple click of an Icon strait from your phone. 2 Methods Available for Download: Scan the QR Code to the left … Continue reading

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Archery Training – Variety is Key to Success

Training Variety is the key to being a successful, well rounded archer.  I recently finished participating in a three month archery league.  It was an indoor, partners league shooting at twenty  yards.  I spent my time, during these three months, … Continue reading

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Vision – Glasses, Contacts and Archery

Originally posted on Jordan Sequillion:
Being an archer, competitive or recreational, does not require perfect 20/20 vision. E Perez asked… I’m not sure if you’ve worn glasses before but if so, do you have any suggestions on archers who used…

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How to Count the Points on a Buck

Originally posted on California Outdoors Q and A:
Fish and Game laws in California count only the points on one side, and eye guards are not included. This is a 4-point buck (Photo courtesy of CDOW) Question: How does the…

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Rasher Quivers Return Policy

Rasher Quivers Return Policy Conditions with No Refunds There will be no refund on Custom orders.  These orders were built to the customer’s individual specifications.  These specifications were defined prior to placing the order.  If these specifications were not met, … Continue reading

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PSE’s Emily Anderson Hunting Alone

Originally posted on PSE Archery Blog:
By Emily Anderson PSE’s Emily Anderson Hunting Alone Once and a while the question comes up as to whether or not I hunt alone. The short answer is usually, “no.” Mostly I hunt…

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The Missionary Hunt – Tips for Hunting Out of a Climber

Originally posted on Pushing the Wild Limits:
Tips for hunting out of a climber. Don’t be stuck in your ways, get mobile, break traditional thinking and use a climber. My mind swiftly and carefully took note of any and all…

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