Archery League – I Lost and They Called Me Susie

I was seven weeks into my first archery league.  I have always had this issue with my third arrow.  I called it my Third Arrow Jinx.  No matter what I did, that third arrow was always low.  But that wasn’t the problem this night.

My partner and I were traditional shooters in 2nd place. It was a Wednesday evening Partners Handicap League. This night we were competing against the 1st place team to tie for that 1st place position.  Our competitors were modern (Compound Bow) shooters, so I couldn’t help but talk trash.  I believe my exact words were, “We are going to smack you guys around and call you Susie.”  They replied that WHEN they win, I will be the one named Susie.

This evening was especially bad.  I went from shooting great to totally falling apart.  It wasn’t just my third arrow.  I couldn’t hit anything and couldn’t figure out why.  After we finished one of the ends, my partner tells me that I am not settling into my shot.  After a brief explanation of what that meant, I proceeded to take more time to aim in the following rounds.  It worked!!  It fixed the problem.  I was back in the game.  Not!!

By holding my aim longer, I was getting fatigued quicker.  So I tried to get settled into my shot quicker to avoid the problem.  Needless to say, that didn’t work.  We lost all three rounds which put us 4 points back and we were now humbly tied for 3rd place.

Everybody was tired from their day at their jobs and the evenings competition.  While we were pulling our arrows from the targets after the very last end, all was quiet.  The 1st place team shouts, “What’s your name?” As I turn around to look, they both smack me really hard on the behind and shout, “Susie!!”  I took the walk of shame back down range with a sore bottom and bruised ego as everybody jumped on the band wagon calling me Susie.

It wasn’t until the next league night that I figured out how to address the problem.  And in doing so, I fixed more than just that.  As a traditional shooter, I have plenty of time to take my shot compared to modern archers with all their fancy gadgets and what not.  I decided to give myself more time between each shot to lessen the effects of fatigue and let my muscles recover.  That did it!  Not only did it cure my settling in problem, but it fixed my Third Arrow Jinx.  The next week in the league, I increase my score by thirty points and broke my high score.  I still talk trash, but I wont ever threaten to call anyone Susie again.

I would love to hear about your humiliating archery experiences.  So leave a comment below to let me know how it went for you, or just to make fun of me and my experience.

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One Response to Archery League – I Lost and They Called Me Susie

  1. charleslopez says:

    Good story Jason!

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