A Day With The Mountain Men

Spring Mountain Free Trappers

On September 1st, 2012 I took a day off of the business and took my son, Gabriel,  to spend the day with the Mountain Men of the Spring Mountain Free Trappers.  We knew that we were going to have a good day in the mountains and away from the city, but we never knew how much fun it was really going to be. So many events packed into a single non-stressed day.

We arrived and were introduced to the many members of the Free Trappers, all of which were very welcoming.  After a half hour of settling in, the day got started.  The first event was the Black Powder Long Rifles.  Gabriel and I didn’t have any Black Powder Rifles so a couple of the members took us aside and taught us how to throw a Tomahawk.  By coincidence, Gabriel and I just bought ourselves a couple Tomahawks a few weeks prior, so we were ready and excited to go.  If you have never thrown a Tomahawk, it is definitely something you should try. It was so much fun and we learned quickly.

The next event was a short archery course, but there was a hitch.  Nothing but primitive bows and arrows were accepted.  I was the odd ball in this one.  I showed up with my Hoyt Buffalo and Carbon Beman Arrows.  For the first time in my archery adventures, I was the over-teched archer with the fancy equipment.  It was still a great time and I will show up next time with one of my U-finish bows and wood arrows.

While I was shooting in the archery event, Gabriel relaxed in the camp enjoying his surroundings and working on filing down a custom handle that he was making for his Tomahawk.  When I returned from the archery event, we all sat down for lunch in circle under in the shade and exchanged stories.  The weather was perfect and we were really enjoying ourselves.

After Lunch was over, Mike took us out and gave us some more lessons on throwing a Tomahawk while they went out shooting Black Powder Pistols.  This time he also brought out a couple bowie knives and taught us how to throw those as well.  The knife throwing was pretty much the same concept as throwing the Tomahawks.  Again, we were having a great time.

In addition to the adventures we had today, we can also look forward to other primitive events like spear throwing and more.  We couldn’t stay for the whole day.  We were both exhausted and sunburned.  I did have so much fun that I paid our dues for the year and Gabriel and I are now members of the Spring Mountain Free Trappers.  We are looking forward to the many adventures we have ahead with these modern day Mountain Men/Women.


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