6 Reasons to Join an Archery League

Reason # 1:  “Why did my arrow do that?”  How many times have you stood there asking yourself this question?  Identifying your personal shortcomings in your archery form and execution can sometimes be evading.

Solution:  In an archery league environment, you are not the only one paying close attention to your pro’s and con’s.  There are many others that have their eyes on you, and they may notice things about your form that you do not.  The trick is to let it be known that you cannot figure it out on your own.  You will be surprised how many of your competitors will jump in to offer that much needed advice that you have been looking for.  This is advice and guidance that would be hard to come by in a tournament or other archery competition that may offer big rewards or status to the winner.

Reason #2:  “Why do I choke at Competitions?”  Some call it Target Panic, but there are many terms used for this affliction.  In my personal opinion and experience as a competition shooter; the biggest reason for this is lack of pressure during practice.

Solution:  It is easy to get relaxed and lazy during your practice sessions.  By joining  an archery league, you are adding that pressure to shoot well.  If you let that pressure get to you at this level, just think about the effects that this pressure will have during a big event with big prizes.  An archery league allows you to settle into that pressure and figure out how to deal with it before it hits you surprisingly at that big event.

Reason #3 :  “Why am I getting worse?”  As mentioned above, it is easy to get too comfortable and lazy during your practice sessions.  This can and usually does develop bad habits in your form that can result in poor muscle memory and more.   One lazy day of shooting can ruin moths of training, so you can imagine how bad it could be if left unidentified.

Solution:  An archery league is usually a weekly event.  Being in a league makes you focus on every shot you take.  Any bad habits you may have formed can be quickly addressed before they get too bad.

Reason #4:  “Why do I need to practice?”  Hunting season is months away, there are no competitions in the near future, so why practice? What is my motivation?

Solution: An archery league gives you a reason to pick up your bow every week.  It keeps you, inspired and motivated with a reason to shoot or a goal to reach.  Whether you are in it to win it or are out to beat last weeks score, you have a goal.  By establishing goals and attempting to meet them, you have a reason to shoot and become the archer you always knew you could be.

To learn new practice drills and exercises you can visit our Blog at https://rasherquivers.wordpress.com/category/traditional-archery-academy/drills-exercises/

Reason #5:  “I wish I had more friends to shoot with”  Not everybody is going to find archery as stimulating as you do.  Not having anyone to share your experiences with can be very anti-motivating.  Sure Mom, Dad, or your significant other are there for support, but they don’t love it the way that you do.

Solution:  By joining and archery league, you are getting the opportunity to meet and get to know other archers in your area that share your love for the sport.  You get the opportunity to get t know these archers better than you would at the random chance meetings you encounter at random events.

Reason #6:  “What am I doing wrong?” Here is another question that is commonly asked by archers all over the world, both newbie and veteran archers alike.  No matter how long you have been shooting your bow, you develop bad habits at one point or another.  As mentioned above, these habits are not always easily identifiable.

Solution: In an archery league environment you are taking every single shot with extreme care.  When something is not going right, you are evaluating each and every aspect of your form and execution.  You may not figure out what the problem is this week, but eventually you will figure out exactly what it is you were/are doing wrong.  Now you can fix it, but more than that, you know what it looks like.  If these symptoms ever shows up again, you will know the remedy.

For more tips on archery bad habits and their effects you can watch these Videos from the Rasher Quivers Vlog at https://rasherquivers.wordpress.com/category/vlog/.

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Click here to visit our Website


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