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Archery: 3 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Shot

3 Bad Habits Here, I have listed 3 bad habits, the effects they have on your shot, and the simple answers to fixing the problem. Bad Habit #1 – Let Up – Just before you release the string from your … Continue reading

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6 Reasons to Join an Archery League

Reason # 1:  “Why did my arrow do that?”  How many times have you stood there asking yourself this question?  Identifying your personal shortcomings in your archery form and execution can sometimes be evading. Solution:  In an archery league environment, … Continue reading

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After the Hunt – Intimate Prayer- True Reverence for Fallen Quarry

We have heard all the tales of hunting preparation, the chase, and even the shot.  What happens after the shot is a relationship between you, your fallen quarry, and God.  In this blog post from Pushing the Wild Limits; this … Continue reading

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