Arrows – A competors guide to the basics of arrows

Jordan Sequillion has begun a series of articles dedicated to the education and understanding of the Archer’s arrow.  This in depth look into each aspect of the arrow will give each reader a better understanding of how and why an arrow does what it does.  The following is a list of these blog posts:

  1. Arrows – The Series (This time, it’s personal). – In this blog Jordan details the four major components of an arrow.
  2. Arrow Series – Part 2: Measurements – Jordan talks about how to measure for the correct arrow length.
  3. Arrow Series – Part 3: Draw Weight – Jordan talks about your personal Draw weight and it’s importance in selecting the proper arrow for you.
  4. Arrow Series – Part 4: Spine, Flex & Stiffness – Jordan talks about arrow spine and the effect that it has on the arrows flexibility and stiffness.
  5. Arrow Series – Part 5: Cutting Arrows – Jordan talks about the arrow cutting process and safety of a properly cut arrow.
  6. Arrow Series – Part 6: Fletching & Indexing – Jordan talks about the effects that your flechings have on your arrows and shot.
  7. Arrow Series – Part 7: Center Shot & Archers Paradox – The Title says it all.  In this blog Jordan explains the Archer’s Paradox and the effect that it has on your center shot.
  8. Arrow Series – Part 8: Fine Tuning & Numbering – Jordan explains three tuning processes you can use to fine tune your arrow

For more about arrows, watch the Rasher Quivers Videos:

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