Various methods of aiming the traditional bow

Various aiming methods and how to use them in this re-blogged article from Charles’ Archery Blog.

Charles' Archery Blog

This very interesting article was posted by Str8 Shooter on the Archery Talk Forum. I thought it was very informative and asked him for permission to repost it here.

You can click on the photos to get a bigger view of the explanations.

Various methods of Aiming the Traditional bow

With all the recent discussions about the different methods of aiming a trad bow I took the time to take a few pics and add visual references to help explain how each method is done. Hopefully they will make understanding the various methods a little bit simpler.

The instinctive shooter focuses on the target and nothing else. Visually, all that is seen is the desired target. Logically we know that the peripheral vision picks up external cues, however, the mind for all intents and purposes does not see them. Without getting into a variety of definitions the conscious mind…

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